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I am improving in my art. so that means older pics that do not reflect my artwork are now off of here. finally decided to remove that spiderman pinup I did years ago as so many people viewed it. but I have improved in the past three years and a few others that got some likes.

debating now if I should do a celeb. if anyone has a request feel free to mention it.
pretty much like what I wrote in July. I am looking back at some of my old artwork and the newer stuff now. I have a way to go. but each step brings me closer to being a professional artist. I think the difference now is more people are putting some of it as favorites. there are a few pics I deleted that had favorites. usually I try not to do that. usually leave them up if someone likes it.  anyway from what people are telling me i am advancing either very noticeably or as someone said "lightyears" ahead in some aspects. I wonder how i will improve in six months.
 As my artwork is growing.  the older work no longer reflects my abilities and people will regard the done at the time as my current level of drawing skills. with that in mind I am removing a lot of my older works. the newer stuff will still be here at this time. however when my artwork improves to the level of professionalism then most of the stuff I put in will stay.

new stuff should be appearing in a few days . but definitely before July.14.
I have now  been upgraded to super llama. so Booyah!
ok not posting any more drawings for a month or so. I need to improve. will be posting more stuff in early May.
changing computers. since I have to do reload programs into the new one and set up internet ,securities and other things like the scanners and such. I will not be posting stuff for a few days. so by Friday to Monday I should start to post more pics.
awhile back I said I would do another pic of Majick. and I did. enjoy.
my artwork has grown in the past two years. so I deleted a few of my older stuff. I felt it no longer reflects the best I have to offer. at the time it was but not now. I am still at this point creating new stuff
someone likes my work. my third llama.
adding more stuff. in the past few weeks. and people are actually pleased with it.

also if you want to give me points click this…
most of the current views are by me. but there are some by other people.

don't be shy and please comment. Your input is very valueable to me.

thank you and have a nice day.
a year here. got up to 7 pieces. ok not much in a year. my most popular deviant art is Magick1 .doing more stuff. and possibly a Magick2
yeah. so now that it looks like I'm gonna stay here. I decided to give out more info , well just a little about myself. feel free to ask questions. eventually I should be posting more stuff. I started with 3 pics now with 4.
Ok here it is. So outside of registering here at Deviant Art this is the first thing that is gonna be put here. Not an avatar nor pics or even a photos. but a journal entry.